Who Are We?

Delphine Butler, BOst:

Delphine pic


Delphine is of French origin but grew up in London in a French speaking environment. She graduated from the British School of Osteopathy BSO in London (now know as the University College of Osteopathy) with distinction in 2008. She has worked in Gerrards Cross since then and in various multidisciplinary practices in London and taught as a technique tutor at the BSO.

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Enda Butler, BOst, FMCHC:

Enda Butler

Enda is a qualified Osteopath(BOst) and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach(FMCHC).

Originally from Wicklow in Ireland, Enda lived in Spain for many years and in England since 2005. He moved to London to dedicate himself to Osteopathy. Following a 4 year full-time Bachelor of Osteopathy Degree at the British School of Osteopathy(BSO)(now know as the University College of Osteopathy), Enda was awarded the BSO’s Gold Medal for academic achievement and dedication to the college and fellow students on graduating in 2009. Since that he has been practicing as an osteopath, lecturing internationally and has begun studying Functional Medicine.

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